The 5 most beautiful fitness and outdoor training grounds in Zurich

In the middle of the city and surrounded by nature, Zurich offers sensational and free training places for fitness and outdoor workouts. Whether you're looking for freestanding street workout facilities, jogging trails, vitaparcours, or small hidden training grounds, Zurich offers a wonderful opportunity for every sports fan. In this article, we would like to introduce you to our 5 highlights in Zurich, where we train as locals again and again with great pleasure.

5th place: Saalsporthalle, the real street workout spot in Zurich

Next to the skate park, close to the shopping center Sihlcity, there is a street workout facility that honors its name. On one side an unforgettable panorama with the fields and meadows around the Uetliberg, on the other side the city of Zurich, streets and the Sihlcity shopping center!

Whether pullups, muslceups or toes to the bar. A perfect system for strength training. It also has some training space right next to it, so that you can make some units like situps, pushups, or leg levers. The atmosphere is always excellent, a real street workout facility in the middle of the city jungle.

And if you are looking for some variety for strength training, then the panorama of the Uetliberg invites you to a jogging circuit!

The most important facilities at the Saalsporthalle:

  • Street workout facility with pull-up bars
  • Skate park
  • Multi-purpose hall "Saalsporthalle"
  • Shopping Center

How to find this workout ground:

By tram lines 5,13,17, bus 89 or with the regional train S4 you directly reach the stop Saalsporthalle or Sihlcity (regional train). From the station/bus stop you should be able to see the Saalsporthalle and right next to it you will find the street workout area.

4th place: Hardhof, the insider tip for high intensity interval workouts in Zurich

At the Hardhof in Kreis 9, you will find the largest sports field in Zurich. In addition to a large number of football pitches and tennis courts, there is also a nice and small woodchip jogging trail (Finnenbahn). Next to the jogging trail there are also three pull-up bars. 

The pull-up bars offer the possibility to perform high intensity interval trainings! In the middle of the city, yet in the middle of the countryside, you have the opportunity to improve your burpee, pushup, situp and pullup records. We've already done a few hundred workouts here. In addition, there are also various trunks and stems for leg training. A real secret tip!

If there is not a football tournament going on, you most probably have the opportunity to train solely with your friends in a very quiet environment!

The most important facilities at the Hardhof:

  • wood chip jogging trail, top to run!
  • pull-up bars
  • Wooden beams for leg training
  • Drinking water fountain

This is how you find the Finnenbahn:

Take tram 17 directly to Hardhof. If you come from Zurich main station, you have to walk over the tram rails. After a few meters you should see the starting point of the Finnenbahn. From Altstetten or Höngg take bus 80 or 89 to the bus stop Tüffenwies, which is about 2 minutes from the Hardhof.

3rd place: A vitaparcours of the most demanding kind at Uetliberg

If you always wanted to improve your fitness on or next to a mountain, you can train directly at the Uetliberg, the backyard mountain of Zurich. The fitness trail (vitaparcours) consists of various workout stations, lovingly laid out in the forest at the foot of the Uetliberg. Thanks to the Uetliberg, the jogging path offers a good mixture of uphill and downhill. A challenging trail with many workout possibilities. The fun factor does not have any shortcomings and you can also enjoy a fabulous view over the city!

Our favorite workouts at the vitaparcours are stretching exercises or hanging leg raises on the rings and coordination exercises on the wooden beams. The vitaparcours has more than 15 different workout stations which are perfect for strength and dexterity exercises.

The most important features of the vitaparcours:  

  • Jogging trail on the mountain, challenging
  • Various exercise stations, perfect for strength and agility exercises
  • Rings for stretching exercises or hanging leg raises
  • pull-up bars

How to find the vitaparcours at the Uetliberg:

Take tram line 13 or 17 directly to Albisgütli. Then walk about 350 meters uphill towards Uetliberg and you will find the starting point!

2nd place: The Irchelpark with one of the largest street workout facilities in Zurich

One of the largest street workout facilities in Zurich is located in the middle of the Irchelpark. If you want to complete intensive workouts, you have found your sports facility at Irchelpark. Various strength exercises such as pullups, human flag, archer pullups or muscle-ups can be trained excellently at this facility.

The plant is built on hard rubber, so you can also train pushups, situps or leg lever directly at the street workout spot. Alternatively, you can do your training units straight on the wonderful meadow next to the street workout facility.

In addition, the Irchelpark has a woodchip jogging trail (Finnenbahn) which leads directly to the outdoor street workout ground. This gives you the perfect opportunity to combine your strength exercises with cardio units. The jogging trail is somewhat hilly, excellent for an interval training with running units! This is not all - right across the street workout spot there is also a climbing wall. There are sufficient options for a good variety in your training.

The street workout area is always well visited, especially during summer. If you want to train together with a group of people or look for tips from experienced people, try the Irchelpark!

The main facilities at Irchelpark:

  • Street workout facility in the middle of the park!
  • pull-up bars
  • woodchip jogging trail (Finnenbahn)
  • climbing wall

How to find the workout facilities:

The tram lines 7,9, 10 and 14 or the bus lines 39, 69 and 72 take you to the Irchelpark. The street workout facility is located in the middle of the park – you can find it by following the jogging trail.

In case you wonder where Zurich’s largest street workout facility is located: you will find that at the Zurich zoo, even bigger, even more bars, even more pull-up opportunities!  

1st place: A hidden jogging trail in the middle of the forest in Zurich!

Probably the most beautiful training spot in Zurich. Hidden at the edge of the Uetliberg, in the middle of the forest near Altstetten, we have found this gem for sports. Beautifully shaded in the forest there is this hilly 800 meter long woodchip jogging trail (Finnenbahn). If you want to make cardio units and you look for variety, you have found your dream training facility here.

Every 100 meters there is a fascinating workout spot. E.g. pull-up bars with different heights are embedded in the beautiful forest.

Various tree trunks for jump exercises, perfect for strengthening the knees. Halved tree trunks lovingly prepared as situp padding. Several ropes for stretching exercises. Wooden pillars for balance exercises. A large flat wooden base for workouts on the ground such as pushups, superman or bicycle crunches.

The large variety of this Finnenbahn in Altstetten has impressed us very much. For our cardio units this is definitely one of our favorite places!

The most important facilities of the Finnenbahn in Altstetten:

  • Perfect for cardio
  • Woodchip jogging trail
  • Pullup bars
  • In the middle of the forest with a large variety of workout possibilities

This is how you find the Finnenbahn in Altstetten:

Take bus no. 67 to Schulhaus Buchlern, then follow the forest towards the Uetliberg to Bachtobelweg.

Tip for warming up

Last but not least: Our favorite fitness and outdoor training facilities are very easy to reach by bike. If you travel to your sports facility by bike, you are already done some warming up and can start directly with the training.